The provision and use of product catalogs in electronic form is indispensable in today’s business processes. The effort to provide electronic catalogs in accordance with the wishes of the customers may be enormous. Similarly, the use of electronic catalogs in purchasing or dealer is often associated with high costs and extensive manual effort.

Paradine assists you in working efficiently with electronic catalogs. The use of standards plays a major role.

We support the implementation of established standards in order to save money by modern and efficient catalog management costs and effort and become even more competitive.

We have a long experience in the annual production and availability of electronic catalogs.

We offer:

  • Advice how to implement electronic catalogs
  • Consultation of implementation of ECLASS in catalog management
  • Paradine Item Manager, the webbased platform to build up customized multilingual electronic catalogs
  • eCatCreator, the software to establish and maintain eCatalogs in BMEcat format on basis of ECLASS
  • System modifications and interfaces
  • Service in the establishment and maintenance of electronic catalogs
  • Training and advice for you, your customers and suppliers

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